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My objective is to make this world a much better world by improving the method we as people treat our animals. One human at a time. Thank you all for joining me on this objective.

In this episode, we are checked out by Jason Nash, David Dobrik, and their pack!

We are signed up with by Jason’s brand-new pup, Henry!


00: 00 – How To Walk Your Dog With David Dobrik
01: 30 – How Dogs Should Meet With Each Other
02: 56 – Why I have a program
03: 35 – Why I Do No Touch No Talk No Eye Contact
06: 20 – Why Does Your Dog Bite You?
07: 13 – How To Create Boundaries Around Food?
08: 36 – How To Teach A Dog To Sit!
10: 30 – What My New Show has to do with
10: 50 – How to call your pet
11: 28 – How To Walk Your Dog

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