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Looking at Anuka today, you would never know the unimaginably difficult past she had suffered through.Life has been extremely hard for the Labrador, who had been living in the yard of a filthy, dilapidated garage for several years.
Photo: YouTube/Howl Of A Dog
She was severely emaciated, traumatized, and terrified of people.
When Howl Of A Dog rescued her and took her in, she was immediately thankful.
They rushed her to the vet, where she was examined and treated for her ailments.
Photo: YouTube/Howl Of A Dog
When they gave her her first bowl of food, she inhaled it like it was the first food she’s ever eaten, which made it obvious that she hadn’t eaten in a very long time.
As the days went on, she began gaining weight and wagging her tail more. She was growing more confident and less afraid of people. She finally realized that not every human is bad, and that these people were here to help her and take care of her.
Photo: YouTube/Howl Of A Dog
After more than a month of receiving TLC, Anuka looks like a whole different dog. She is healthy and most importantly, she is happy.
Despite being five years old, she still runs around and plays with her toys like a puppy. She has so much more life to live, and now all she needs is a loving family to share it with.
Photo: YouTube/Howl Of A Dog
Anuka remains in the care of Howl Of A Dog in Romania, but can be adopted out internationally. Click here if you’re interested in giving Anuka a loving forever home.
Watch her rescue and incredible transformation in the video below:
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