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They say curiosity killed the cat, but it’s gotten dogs into some precarious situations as well! Take Vella, the German Sheperd puppy, for example. What started as a day of wandering quickly turned into a rescue mission when the puppy found himself trapped in a pipe.

According to Inside Edition, the little puppy named Vella was exploring when he somehow fell into the pipe and became trapped.
Photo: Pixabay/M J
The dog’s owners called the Spanish Guardia Civil for help saving the puppy, and they were quick to arrive on the scene to help, but the rescue would be no easy feat.
The little pup had somehow managed to get so far into the pipe that police had to break through a wall and then cut the pipe open!
Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition
Thankfully, the rescue was a success and little Vella was unharmed from the ordeal. Without the help of the police’s quick actions, things could’ve ended very differently.

Understandably, Vella’s owners were overjoyed that their beloved pup was safe and sound. They plan to keep a closer eye on him going forward!
Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition
As Inside Edition noted, “His family was very relieved to have him back and will probably invest in some type of leash.”
Watch the video below to see more of the rescue:
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