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It’s official, we’ve gone to the dogs. At least that is the case in Colorado, where the town of Littleton now has a Bassett hound as an elected official.According to Denver 7 News, Mayor Kyle Schlachter, who had just recently been elected into office, said nobody asked him about the unusual ballots.

It seems as if people had elected the bassett hound as mayor directly, so Schlachter has to share his title.
Photo: Pixabay/jawestad
Katherine Roxborough of Historic Littleton, Inc., had the following to say to the news station on the subject: “We weren’t electing a human. The candidates were of the canine sort.”
They elected the dog as honorary mayor because they wanted to raise awareness. In order to run for office, the dog candidates had to pose for pictures in front of historic sites throughout the town of Littleton.

More than 6000 votes were cast and the winner was a five-year-old Bassett hound named Mardoch.
Photo: YouTube/Denver7 – The Denver Channel
In an interview with Denver 7 News, Mardoch’s human said he loves people and gives the biggest, slobbery kisses.
Interestingly, half as many people voted for Mardoch as they did for the human mayor of the town. Mayor Schlachter even mentioned that the campaign cycle was shorter, so it’s hard to say how far this would’ve gone.

The human mayor said he feels confident, especially since he has a four-year term and the dog only has a two-year term.
Photo: YouTube/Denver7 – The Denver Channel
In the meantime, Mayor Mardoch is taking full advantage of his time in office. He is out on daily walks, shaking hands with as many people as possible. We’re not sure if he is kissing babies at this point.
Watch the interview below:
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