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This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Submit your own rescue story here. Your story just might be the next to be featured on our blog!This gorgeous mumma was handed into a vet clinic we work with in the middle of giving birth. Unfortunately all her babies passed away and we are unsure why – whether it be the stress of being moved during birth or something else.
The same day, a box of babies was found in a park. These guys were either preemie or had been without food for a while, as they weighed on average just under 70 grams. That’s tiny even for a newborn. Heartbreaking all around for both parties, but wait…
Mumma was offered the babies, and she immediately started to allow them to feed and give them a bath. It’s one of those tear worthy moments to see a mum who lost all her babies accept babies who had no mum, but now they do and she is their mumma.
They made their way to carer Sarah after staying with our friends at Cat’s Meow Cattery for a few days to get them to safety, and we will post updates of their progress on our Facebook page. Having spent a few days with Mumma, I can tell you she is a sweetheart (like her little heart nose) and very smoochy, and is doing a wonderful job with these little ones.
Story submitted by Nikki Chapple from Best Friends Felines in Brisbane, Australia.
This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!