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Sometimes, dogs and cats can get along and be friends. Other times, cats will merely tolerate dogs and their antics because they have to. George seems to fall into the latter category, as he begrudgingly has his bed taken over by the oblivious French bulldog, Peppa.

Peppa has no sense of personal space and loves to get as close and personal with George as he can. It seems that Peppa feels what belongs to George belongs to him, even if it’s sized for a small cat, not a small dog.
Photo: Pexels/Pixabay
In a hilarious video shared on social media, you can see George napping peacefully in his cat house when Peppa decides to squeeze in for a nap and snuggle.

Peppa doesn’t even wait for George to get out before pushing his body through the small door of the house, blocking the exit entirely.
Photo: Facebook/Woof Woof
The cat house seems to be the perfect size for George to snooze in alone, but with Peppa, it’s uncomfortable crowded. The poor cat tolerates the situation, but the look on his face says how he’s really feeling: displeased!
Apparently, it’s not the first time Peppa has crowded the cat house. It’s a regular occurrence, leaving poor George nowhere to escape for alone time.
Photo: Facebook/Woof Woof
George may not love having Peppa squeeze himself into the cat house, but the cat is quite gracious about the situation. We just hope George eventually gets a house he can call his very own!

Watch the video below:
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