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Meet practically with Dog Whisperer BIG CHUCK MCBRIDE for 30 minutes by means of phone, Messenger, WI FI Calling, FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom; get a signed photo sign.
Expense $25000
.Arrange your time:
Call 248 974 3031 United States
Call 248 974 3031 United States (WI FI Calling)
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Want BIG CHUCK face to face to deal with your canine?
Per Session (typical session 2.5 – 3 hours) Fees:
In state Michigan United States $60000 – $2,500 dollars; out-of-state cases run in between $1,50000 to $5,00 0 dollars for the session plus round-trip travel, get from airport and drop-off at airport after the session: straight flight just, very first class travel unless worked out otherwise. International cases begin at $10,00 0 daily not consisting of travel time, plus expenditures.

CHUCK will provide you a discount rate if you are a veteran, unique requirements, handicapped, pet charity, cultivates, adoption groups.

Assurance: If Dog Whisperer BIG CHUCK MCBRIDE does not repair the concern – you do not pay; you would just be accountable for the travel for out-of-state cases. In CHUCK’s whole profession he has actually repaired any pet dog concern in 3 seconds to 30 minutes, the typical outcome( s) time is 5 to 10 minutes.

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.The SafeCalm Dog Training Collar works; it’s safe; it’s comfy, and does not limit a canine’s vision. It supplies a safe, fast, and gentle method to develop instantaneous calm and obedience. Call 248 974 3031 (Michigan time U.S.)
The SafeCalm Collar does not choke; pinch or pull from the snout like competitive training collars. SafeCalm utilizes the breeze noise of the chain to fix, and no other item utilizes the Correction Pull-down Effect which carefully takes down on the snout for correction. The SafeCalm Collar assists or repairs all habits problems: strolling, stress and anxiety, aggressiveness, supremacy, aggravation, high-energy, hyperactivity, insecurity, leaping, barking.
The SafeCalm Collar replicates a mom canine relaxing her young puppy by pushing its snout with her mouth, the very first soothing feeling a canine experiences; it indicates “You’re safe, be calm”.
The SafeCalm Collar is an advantage to all canine owners, handicapped individuals, senior citizens, kids, fitness instructors, family pet liability companies, and individuals who operate in the animal services market.