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In a Feb. 26 “Cesar 911 ″ episode that aired on National Geographic, the part-French bulldog, part-terrier was explained by those who understand him as a “horror.” “He dislikes all pet dogs,” his human associates stated, and even worse: he as soon as eliminated an animal potbellied pig.

Jody Orr, the co-founder of a shar-pei pet dog rescue operation called “Pei People,” put it candidly: “We call him Satan behind his back.”

All these qualities made Simon ripe for the Millan treatment. For 8 years, the 46- year-old hosted the series “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan,” on which he restored the habits of “issue pet dogs,” rowdy pet dogs that created chaos in their owners’ houses.

The National Geographic series got a big following and made Millan a star, even as his strategies were slammed by other animal behaviorists for excessive using force and dismissing favorable support.

The tv character is now being examined for possible animal ruthlessness, NBC Los Angeles reported.

Constable’s deputies with Los Angeles County Animal Control checked out Millan’s Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, La., Thursday night, however he was away on a service journey, a member of the family informed NBC.

The animal well-being authorities had actually gotten numerous questions after the episode with Simon, which revealed the pet biting a pig’s ear throughout a training session led by Millan.

A 24- hour notification has actually been released, needing him to get in touch with the detectives, according to NBC. They wish to know what has actually occurred to the pig considering that the episode’s shooting.