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Just the easy realities. We just talk FACTS and science here. Somebody needs to offer us an excellent reason Cesar is pestered, opposed, and more to put him in jail and his kids on the streets. Why does Victoria get away with eliminating a canine on her program? Why is she permitted to badly leash pop canines for 25 minutes and put them in a restroom to resolve barking? Why is Zak enabled to have his pet dog get and do pet dog attacks? Why is Jean permitted to have and assist her canine sexually climax on her leg as favorable support and hang pet dogs off the ground about 2 to 3ft on a mild leader with Dr. Ian Dunbar? Why is Dr Dunbar enabled to utilize Fear to terrify a pet dog to teach a limit? What could it be that Cesar is assaulted however ALLLLL those are not? boils down to him being #hispanic