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A man with absolutely zero formal training who says no one else can connect with dogs like he can? What could possibly go wrong? Despite the ridiculousness of his claims, Cesar Millan found success on the National Geographic Channel as “The Dog Whisperer,” and while he allegedly did help a lot of people during his time on the show, he also found himself in trouble with pet owners, animal rights groups, and even the law. From manipulative editing to his claims of being uniquely talented, let’s take a look at seven reasons why you should never listen to “The Dog Whisperer.”

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Nobody can do what Cesar can do | 0: 00
Don’t try this at home | 1: 38
His methods could be faulty | 2: 23
Vets don’t like him either | 3: 33
He was under investigation for animal cruelty | 4: 51
His show is deceptively edited | 6: 08
You and your dog can get hurt | 6: 53

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