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We followed Chrissy Joy from BFF Pet Services in Brandywine, Maryland so we could show you a day in the life of a dog trainer! To Chrissy, and probably to most of the pet-obsessed Chewy family out there, dog training is about so much more than obedience training and dog training tips for teaching dogs to sit and stay—dog training is about building the strongest possible bond between a human and their dog, making them more confident in themselves and each other, and changing their lives for the better. What may look as simple as a sit or as complicated as some doggie dance moves aren’t really just what they seem—to dog trainers and pet people like Chrissy, they’re expressions of confidence in and trust between pets and their people. Chrissy said it best herself: the most rewarding part of her job as a dog trainer is not only seeing the people flourish but also seeing their dogs change and become better than they were before. She doesn’t just train dogs. She makes the bonds between our dogs and us deeper.

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